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1Place ensures high quality standards are met for Crewcut and Crewcare franchises

 Crewcut Lawn and Garden provide lawn mowing and garden care services across all of New Zealand.  Their sister company, Crewcare, provide commercial cleaning services.  

As franchise-based businesses, ensuring quality standards is critical to the success of both the Crewcut and Crewcare brands. 

1Place is a compliance tool that is perfect for multi-site, franchise organisations. For Crewcrut, the 1Place digital tool is used to manage:

  • Crewcut’s lawnmowing Franchisees, ensuring compliance with rewcut’s high quality standards
  • Franchisee information such as terms and renewal dates
  • Customer information
  • Correspondence between Franchisor and franchisee

One of the key benefits of using 1Place is there is one place to record and have visibility of Franchisee information, communication and compliance – while ensuring quality standards are met.

1Place removes the need for paper forms and checklists, instead storing this information in a cloud-based dashboard, accessible from any device.

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