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What does 1Place do?

1Place is a cloud based Multi-Site management system designed to cater for Franchises, Retail Stores and other Multi Site Organisations

Is my information safe and secure?

Absolutely! We backup your data daily and our servers are located at a secure data-centre.

Why is there no pricing for 1Place on the website?

We understand that organisations vary greatly and one size doesn’t fit, so we will tailor a pricing plan which will work for you and recognises the stage of growth you are at. We normally charge a one off implementation fee and then an easy monthly subscription charge based on the number of users and sites you have using the system. That way our charges grow proportionally to the growth of your organisation. If you require customisations we will provide you either a fixed price or T&M quote.

If I need help or support with 1Place, how do I contact you?

You can email us at and we will reply within 24 hours

How reputable is 1Place?

1Place was founded by people with decades of experience in the software and accounting industry. Visit About Us for more information.

Our organisation works in a specific industry with particular requirements, can we modify 1Place?

1Place have a team of consultants who can tailor the system to your needs

What is the advantage of the software being cloud-based?

Being on the internet means that there is no hardware to buy, we organise the backups and changes to the program can be done quickly and implemented without re-installing software. You get to focus on your organisation and we look after the IT!

I have some great ideas of how you can make 1Place better, how do I contact you?

You can either email us at or call us between 8-30am – 5pm on business days at 0800 1place. We appreciate any suggestions and feedback.

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