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Health and Wellness Screening App

We know that childcare centers are facing big challenges at that moment and one of the ways we thought we can help is to offer our contactless Health and Wellness Screening App FREE* for 90 daysto help you as you re-open and adjust to the new normal. 

It’s one small way we can help the sector in the important work you do every day. 

Using the contactless app means no more lines or crowds outside the center, no more shared pens or tablets, and you can reduce waiting times when children arrive.

Other centers have described the app as “a gamechanger” and “something every one of our centers needs, NOW!”.

How does it work?

  • Parents and caregivers can scan the QR code from any mobile device (or click a URL link)
  • They complete a short survey each day, before entering the center
  • You store and report on the completed surveys electronically, to ensure compliance

* Please note: The free trial period is for 90 days. See the full Terms and Conditions here.

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