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1Place has developed new applications targeted to help companies with their Health & Safety requirements.

The 1Place Hazard Register, Incident Reporting Tool and site audit checklists will enable your company to:

  • Improve visibility of Health & Safety requirements throughout the organisation including at a Director level
  • Provide instant response to serious incidents and ensure they are followed up and reported on correctly
  • Provide an audit trail of how hazards have been managed, how incidents have been resolved and ensure a responsive system
  • Provide the Directors full visibility of Health and Safety on sites including a dashboard showing the rate of incidents occurring and other key metrics to ensure quality governance
  • Create and track both lead and lag indicators to develop a comprehensive Risk Management practice within your company
Health And Safety - 1Place
1Place  HealthAndSafety  HazardRegister

Hazard Register

Build your hazard register by walking around a site taking pictures of each hazard and noting key details and categories. These are then visible in a simple to use reporting interface and can be regularly reviewed and updated.

New employees are briefed by adding the app to their phone or device and then they have instant access and can view through the hazards and connect to company resources for key information on risk reduction.

1Place  HealthAndSafety  IncidentRegister

Incident Register

Do away with paper based forms, and put a powerful reporting tool in the hand of every employee. Providing access to the company’s Health & Safety app means employees can instantly report incidents or near misses by clicking through an easy to use form. They can add notes or photos and on submission the Health & Safety officer is instantly notified. Incidents can then be categorised and actions identified.

Add in notifications are available for instant reporting of significant incidents to management or directors.

1Place QualityManager

Management Dashboard

The Health & Safety Officer, Management and Directors can view the dashboard of each site clearly showing hazards, incidents, categories and actions arising. This provides a quick bird’s eye view providing instant up to date management reporting. Incidents or Hazards can be drilled down into to ensure the correct actions are being taken and the system is up to date.

Incidents can be linked to hazards if appropriate so a ‘history view’ is available to show related incidents, changes made, and how risk is being managed. This provides a clear audit trail for external parties.

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