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Track important incidents and key tasks required by each site, client or franchisee to ensure that you are always on top of the outstanding items by using the 1Place Ticketing system.

1Place  TaskManager  CaptureIncidentsTasks

Capture important incidents and tasks

Never miss a beat on important tasks by bringing all your lists into one easy to use dashboard. At a glance see which tasks are due, where your priorities are, and how to focus your time. Easily delegate or share tasks, and maintain transparency with each site.

1Place  TaskManager  TrackTickets

Track outstanding tickets.

A key risk in managing multiple sites is ensuring promises are upheld, and conversations are backed up with action. Task Manager helps you to link information with each site and ensure each key task is tracked and hopefully completed on time.

1Place  TaskManager  CreateJobs

Create jobs on the run

Using our app for iPad, Android and smartphone devices, on the go managers can quickly add new tasks, view existing tasks, or remind themselves of key things. Don’t be caught out again by post it notes left on your desk while you are on the road!

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